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New CD Release, October 10, 2009

Organic Gangster album cover

“Organic Gangster” ....The new Spencer The Gardener CD is...

A forward thinking and fun filled family affair with a keen eye on the natural world...Inspiring, progressive, and whimsical.....


  • Spencer Barnitz-Guitar and Vocals
  • Vaughn Montgomery-Piano, Keyboards and vocals
  • Chris Holmes-Viola, Guitar, and Vocals
  • CDbaby Review of Spencer’s Music

Also starring:

  • Liz Barnitz - Vocals
  • Lois Mahalia - Vocals
  • Tom Lackner - Percussion


CDbaby Review of Spencer’s Music

“This is the kind of perfection that I lovingly refer to as ‘swing your pigtails music.’ If you don’t have hair long enough to sport your own, just imagine that kind of spazzy, head-twirling, whole-body flailing and then imagine the music that perfectly captures every delicious little eccentricity and every morsel of irreverent joy...and you've got something like Spencer the Gardener. This delightful, quirky pop gem seems to simultaneously encompass a quality of They Might Be Giants, Squeeze and some hybrid of carnival craze. Any way you size it up, it’s extremely fun and beautifully nerdy.”